Big Green Egg Gasket Replacement

Big Green Egg Gasket replacements

Replace your old worn out gasket with a new one.

Don’t let a worn-out gasket hold you back from achieving grilling greatness. Embrace the benefits of a new gasket on your Big Green Egg and elevate your cooking experience.

Contact us today to schedule a gasket replacement appointment and get ready to rediscover the joy of hassle-free grilling!

Replace your old worn-out gasket with a new one.




Napoleon, Big Green Egg & Weber Certified Specialist

Napoleon Certified Specialist
Webber Certified Specialist
Big Green Egg

Benefits Of Professional Replacement

Fuel efficiency, and improved flavor, and more.

We know you love your Big Green Egg kamado grill – it’s a versatile cooking powerhouse that delivers exceptional flavors. But have you noticed that the gasket around the lid is showing signs of wear and tear?

If so, let us share why replacing that old gasket is a game-changer for your grilling experience:

Optimal Heat Retention

The gasket plays a crucial role in maintaining a consistent cooking temperature inside your Big Green Egg. A worn-out gasket can lead to heat leakage, making it harder to achieve the perfect cooking results you’re used to. By replacing it, you’ll ensure better heat retention and precise temperature control.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

A proper gasket seal prevents air leaks, which in turn maximizes fuel efficiency. When your grill retains heat efficiently, you’ll use less charcoal or wood, saving you money on fuel costs in the long run.

Even Cooking

An intact gasket creates an airtight seal, ensuring even heat distribution across the cooking surface. This means no more hotspots or unevenly cooked food – just consistently delicious meals.

Reduced Smoke Leakage

A deteriorating gasket can lead to smoke escaping from the sides of the grill instead of through the top vent. By replacing the gasket, you’ll have better control over smoke flow, enhancing the flavor and aroma of your dishes.

Safety First

A properly functioning gasket helps contain heat and smoke, minimizing the risk of burns or accidents during grilling. Your safety and the safety of those around you are paramount.

Extended Grill Lifespan

Replacing the gasket is a small investment that can extend the lifespan of your Big Green Egg. It protects the ceramic material from heat damage, ultimately preserving the structural integrity of your grill.

Maintained Resale Value

If you ever consider upgrading your grill in the future, having a well-maintained gasket adds value to your Big Green Egg. Potential buyers will appreciate the attention to detail and care you’ve put into maintaining your grill.

Expert Installation

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in replacing gaskets for Big Green Egg grills. We’ll ensure the new gasket is installed correctly, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of its performance-enhancing features.

Enhanced Grilling Experience

You invested in a high-quality kamado grill for a reason – to create extraordinary meals. Replacing the gasket ensures that your grill continues to perform at its best, delivering exceptional culinary results every time.

Reviews From Our Grill Masters

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Amazing job! Our Grill looks brand new and the BBQ Rescue communication and follow-up was perfect from start to finish. I highly recommend this company!"

- Dan

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"BBQ Rescue came to my “rescue” and I am now ready to stir things up. Highly professional, reliable and extremely knowledgeable about all things Weber Grill. With my ignition replaced and helpful cleaning tips, it’s time to cook with grease."

- Donna 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"First time using the service for a deep gas grill cleaning. Hard to find folks to do the job well. Ronnie was a true professional. The inside is spotless."

- Michael 

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